aggiornamento pebble

L’aggiornamento Pebble assicura che i servizi continueranno a funzionare

Dopo l’acquisizione da parte di Fitbit, tutti i nuovi progetti Pebble sono ormai defunti. Ma l’ultimo aggiornamento rincuora gli utenti dei vecchi dispositivi.

L’aggiornamento è stato reso disponibile su App Store nei giorni scorsi e, probabilmente, a breve lo sarà anche su Android (se non è già stato rilasciato).

L’aggiornamento Pebble include le seguenti nuove feature:

  • Brand-new app for setting up and managing your Pebble smartwatch.
  • Create a Pebble account or access an existing one.
  • Browse, get, and share Pebble apps and watchfaces on the Pebble appstore, right from the app.
  • Load and organize watchapps onto your Pebble.
  • Discover new and popular watchapps by category: Notifications, Daily, Fitness, Games, Remotes, and Tools & Utilities.
  • Manage over-the-air software updates as new features and improvements happen.
  • Contact Support, manage Settings, browse resources, find community links, and share suggestions with Team Pebble directly.
  • Supports all watchapps built with SDK 3.0 AND legacy Pebble apps built with SDK 2.0.

Un nuovo aggiornamento Pebble significa speranza

Mentre questi sono i miglioramenti della versione 3.0:

  • Support for Pebble watchapps, features, accessories, and data sources (e.g. Timeline-based apps, watchfaces, weather/sports data, and more).
  • New layout – Organize what’s on your Pebble by Watchfaces, Apps, and Notifications. Dragging downloaded watchapps within the menu reorders them and syncs the changes to your Pebble (woo-hoo!).
  • My Pebble info cards – Toggle settings, set as active watchface, contact developer, and more by tapping any item within My Pebble.
  • Quick watchface management – In Watchfaces, the watchface with the green checkmark is the one currently active on your watch. Quickly change the active watchface by tapping the empty circle of another watchface in the menu.
  • Note: Some Pebble watchapps use iOS Location Services in the background, which can decrease battery life.

Price: Free
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